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October News Update

24 Oct 2010

With new tables now in place , we look forward to some big events coming up. This Friday (29th Oct) is BATTS SUPERLEAGUE where some of the best players in the country battle for £300 prize money. It has filled up within a few days and such is the strength of the field that we have a silver medallist from the recent Commonwealth Games who is by no means certain to win it. It does mean that practice and coaching will have to stop by 7pm this Friday but spectators will enjoy a feast of table tennis.........and a bit of help with umpiring is always appreciated !
This leads into the BATTS Junior Open on the Saturday and Sunday 30/31st October where we have well over 100 entries. Again spectators welcome and note that throughout the 3 days our sponsors Topspin Sports will be represented by John and Tom and club members can enjoy a full range of equipment at a 30% discount.
We only started our membership scheme in September but we have just hit 80 members and , even with 12 practice tables, the club can be very busy at times. It's worth mentioning that on Mondays, Weds and Fridays the tables are  set up and available to members from 4pm until 10pm. In fact on Weds you can come as early as 1.30 and we have a ladies session on Tuesdays from 2-4. So if you have someone to practice with, there are lots of different times to play.
Finally for anyone who likes our electronic scoreboards, we are buying the latest model and our current stock which sell for £95  are available for £40 each complete with batteries. This is no more than a good flipover scoreboard costs and you don't have to keep mending the numbers !  First come first served.