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More photos from BATTS Super League 26th November

29 Nov 2010

Darius Knight - England no 4, winner of Band 1  Darius Knight
Darius Knight - England Senior no. 4 and winner of the Band 1 event at BATTS
Chris Doran - losing finalist  Ryan Jenkins no. 2 seed and semi-finalist
Chris Doran - England no.6 (losing finalist)                             Ryan Jenkins - Welsh no. 1 lost to Darius Knight in semi
Wang Zheng  Igor Morais - England no. 1 cadet
Wang Zheng                                                                                    Igor Morais - England no. 1 Cadet
Karina Le Fevre - England no 5 Senior  John Dennison
Karina Le Fevre - England no.2 Junior                                    John Dennison
Lauren Spink intense match