Table Tennis for All

Norman Booth Centre, Elderfield, Mulberry Green, Old Harlow, Harlow, CM17 0EY. Tel: 01279 438199


31 May 2010

Present: Natalie Green, Aad Kwakkelstein, Dennis Stocks, Eric Todd, Martin Verdon, Wendy Esquivel, Paul Collier, Sherlayne Collier, Adrian Cross, Sean Gibson, Ricky Williams, John Holland, Gary Jackson, Terry Dowsett, Sharon Head, Neil Brierley
Apologies for Absence: Nicola and Jimmy Walsh, Anne Webster, Anil Patel
Neil Brierley welcomed everyone to the meeting and introduced the committee and head coach and gave a bit of background on the history of BATTS. He pointed out we have 21 years remaining on our lease at a peppercorn rent so our continuity is assured.
Aad took over and explained the positive contribution members can make not only playing but in all aspects of  the club. He emphasised the “Academy” in BATTS to show we are serious about our table tennis. He talked about regular coaching in one centre with one coach to make the squad into a motivated group with the goal to improve. Aad would like the squad to form teams in the national leagues under the BATTS banner as soon as practical. They should also play in tournaments wearing the BATTS kit. He talked about a code of conduct that would be expected.
Aad went on to talk about the importance of parental involvement and provided words of inspiration from Seb Coe. He explained next season’s structure would involve a beginner squad training once a week, an intermediate squad twice a week and top squad three times a week. Exact times to be announced but the main features are that it will be centred on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays and that sessions will start and finish relatively early to avoid late nights. The fee structure will be monthly standing order with details to follow in good time. He asked for email confirmation by 25th May if you wish to commit in principle to join the new structure.
John Holland asked about summer camps and there was a provisional commitment for camps to take place at BATTS for the last 2 weeks in August. He also asked if young children can be left without parents and Sharon Head explained there will be forms to confirm parental consent. Wendy Esquivel asked about immediate practice facilities and NB explained that the club is always available for practice on Mondays, Weds, and Fridays from 7pm , 52 weeks of the year. JH explained that NCL and NJL teams have until early September to enter for the 2010/11 season. JH suggested we have tournament entry forms at BATTS to encourage parents to enter their children where appropriate. Wendy Esquivel and Adrian Cross asked about entry to the Development Squad and Natalie Green explained this is an ETTA regional squad which she chooses and keeps under permanent review.