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A landmark day in the history of BATTS

09 Aug 2014

Never to be forgotten by all who took part. We were visited by Jan-Ove Waldner, World Champion in 1997, and Jorgen Persson who won the world title in 1991. Our own juniors and many others who had travelled to Harlow for the event, were given expert coaching during the morning. After lunch the huge crowd of juniors, parents and other spectators were treated to an amazing exhibition match between the two stars. Spectacular rallies, the like of which had never been witnessed at our club, were greeted with rapturous applause. And then the stars continued into the afternoon taking on challenges from those brave enough to try.
The two Swedish stars did more than share their skills.  They were wonderful ambassadors for the sport, chatting with all the juniors and the other visitors. The youngsters they were helping had not been born when these celebrities won their world singles titles, but by the end of the afternoon no-one was in any doubt that they had been in the presence of two of the greatest figures in the history of table tennis. What a privilege for us all.
Here is a photo from the exhibition match.....

 We are very grateful to John Dennison for allowing us to form part of the stars' Donic Legends tour, and thanks also to Sharon and Lucy for their hard work in laying on a buffet lunch for everyone. Thanks also to Tony West our MC for the day, and to some great coaches who came along to help - Eli Baraty, Rory Scott, Ashley Stokes and of course John Dennison.
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