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Jenko terminates opponents in Super League Battle of Britain

08 Feb 2010

It was Welsh Dragon Ryan Jenkins who was victorious. Jenkins got the better of Dean Cundy, Emran Hussain, Euan Liddle, Hubert Noah and Gareth Herbert. The final with Herbert ended in a pulsating 11-5 in the fifth victory. The hit TV Series Heroes has a character called "Denko". Ryan Jenko's rhyming namesake terminates other heroes in this hit BBC programme. This was at least before he was himself terminated and in fact evaporated by another character "Tracy Strauss". Unfortunately, no other super league heroes were as fortunate as Miss Strauss and Jenkins proceeded to the top prize unscathed and unevaporated. Jenkins and Herbert put on a great table tennis spectacle, with Jenkins backhand loop coming up trumps.
Britain's Best Chopper?
Jenkins bullet 3-0 quarter final victory against arguably Britain's best chopper Euan Liddle caught the eye. This was mainly because Euan only managed a grand total of 11 points and 8 came in game one. This is particularly impressive since Euan went on to finish in 7th place. This is some 3 places above his seeded position. Liddle's wins against Patrick Thomas (5th seed) and Zak Zilesnick (7th seed) showed the Mossford superstar's worth. Liddle and Herbert are still both on 100% in Division One South & Midlands and it will be interesting in the final weekend to see if Liddle can test the ex-England international.
Ranking Funnies
Some 800 ranking points below Jenkins (who is nearer China 's Whang Zheng in ranking), super league debutant Herbert showed he can still serve and rally with the best of them. Zheng incidentally finished 3rd, with a fine performance over Camroon's Hubert Noah.
Banana shot baffles crowd
Noah looked in trouble in round one against Essex Champion Matt Spero, getting points from some lucky shots in due course. In particular, one rally caught the eye. Spero had Noah far back from the table seemingly with no way back, Noah hit some sort of banana shot of the edge of his bat that swerved hitting the table and reversing back across.
Was 16th seed Yasir Mauthoor off colour or is the super league just a brilliant standard?
It shows how strong the super league is when someone as good as Mikael Papantonio finishes 32nd. Mikael, in his round 4 match, nearly achieved a maximum victory against 16th seed Yasir Mauthoor, losing out 16-14 in the fifth. It would have been an even better complement to the field if a seeded player finished in the bottom 2.