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Hardbat Tournament Results

03 May 2010

By Fred Dove
I would like to thank all those who played in this tournament, and I trust you all had a great days table tennis.
Special thanks to Nicola Walsh for running the computer system, Sharon and Lucy for running the canteen, Glenn Johnson as referee, Derek Balding, Kevin James and Tony West for helping set up, and Neil Brierley for his assistance in putting on this event.
Results are available.
Also the latest "World Ranking List" for those interested.

Please Note.
This list is based on a players performance whilst playing in "ELITE" series of Hardbat competition only.
New players taking part in their first hardbat competition are given a dummy ranking.
For this reason, No wins or loss adjustments have been awarded to these players.
Minor adjustments have been made to results in Hardbat 2 (W/L Adj) as it was decided that until a player had earned a ranking, no extra points for wins and losses should be awarded.

Best regards to everyone, and hope to see you all again for the next competition in June.