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Hardbat 6 Results and Latest Rankings

06 Sep 2010

Now available are the Hardbat 6 results.
In addition, the rankings are as follows:
1. All Time List (All 6 "Elite" tournaments)
2. Current List (Last 3 "Elite" tournaments played)
The current list will be used for ranking purposes in the next hardbat tournament, as this gives a more accurate account of ability and current form.
The results are based only on the last 3 tournaments played by each player.
There is a colour key code at the bottom of the page which specifies to which tournament the ratings are based on.
Basically, there are 4 main sections :-
1. Group Points. (2 points for a win, and 1 point for a completed match loss).
2. Round Points. (2 points for a win in each round, 1 point for a completed match loss).
3. Qualifying Points. (This varies depending on format).
4. Wins or Losses bonus points. (example:- Player D beats Player A +3, vice versa -3)
Points are only gained or lost if the players are ranked / pooled differently in the groups.
This applies to both group stage and knockout stage.
Points are also awarded to players reaching the 1/4 finals onwards.
The total points gained are averaged out, based on how many tournaments played.