Table Tennis for All

Norman Booth Centre, Elderfield, Mulberry Green, Old Harlow, Harlow, CM17 0EY. Tel: 01279 438199

Half Term Week Opening

31 May 2010

This week's programme is as follows:
Monday 31st May : Table tennis practice from 7pm as usual. Can you let Neil know if you plan to come as he may need to find someone to open up !
Tuesday 1st June : Table tennis for newcomers arranged by Harlow Council. They will be sending 2 groups of children; first group 1.30-3pm; second group 3-4.30pm. We would love to have some adult helpers if you are free for either session. We have obtained 3 new members recently from this initiative. Please let Neil know if you can help.
Wednesday and Friday : Practice from 7pm as usual.
Aad's coaching programme continues throughout the week.