Table Tennis for All

Norman Booth Centre, Elderfield, Mulberry Green, Old Harlow, Harlow, CM17 0EY. Tel: 01279 438199

Club Sessions

Our normal schedule of table tennis is as follows.  This may be varied from time to time so if you are planning to visit the club it may be best to contact us first.
At most times, we have up to 12 tables available (although sometimes the club will have some junior coaching sessions running, and on some evenings there will also be league matches on some tables)
MONDAY          Club night from 7pm
TUESDAY         Social play (for non-league players) from 1pm to 4pm
                         Club night from 8pm (limit of 5 tables)
WEDNESDAY   Social play (any standard) from 1pm to 4pm
                        Club night from 7pm (limited table availability during the period 7pm - 9pm)
THURSDAY      Social play (any standard) from 1pm to 4pm
FRIDAY            Club night from 7pm
WEEKEND "OPEN SESSIONS"   We have weekend club sessions at various times. There is no regular pattern because we fit in around other events. For details of forthcoming weekend sessions see our latest newsletter (go to the News page)